The Four Steps To End Your Panic Attacks

There are four steps to end your panic attacks when you are experiencing a panic attack. This four steps are very useful to help you regain back your control instead of letting your panic attack to take over your life. 

In the usual cycle of a panic attack, you will feel like it still lingers on you. The feeling just wouldn’t go away even when it has ended. In fact, it leaves you in a state where you will keep thinking about it and spend a lot of your time just thinking and fearing it. In reality, that’s a total waste of time. But, for anyone who is having panic attacks, it feels totally different because the fear just never leave them. Until you know how to turn the cycle around, you will always be the slave to your panic attacks. The following four steps will help you on how to reclaim back your authority from your panic attacks.


First, you will freak out when the panic attack occurs. What you must do is to is to remind yourself to take the very first step, that is to stop and observe instead of reacting. Reacting to it simply means you are participating in your panic attack, which is not what you should be doing to get rid of it.


Once you have observe that you are having a panic attack, then next thing to do is to label it. It is like watching a movie and then labeling it as a horror, comedy, action or something. So, in your case, you can label your fear as ‘fear of height’, ‘fear of crowds’, ‘fear of dark’ and so on. See how you are turning yourself into an audience position where you are observing it and then labeling it like a scientist inspecting his project?


Next, you can just sit back and observe how it is. Just tell yourself repeatedly, “this is the fear of x and what I will feel is like X”. Tell yourself like you are telling a story. Feel how unreal it become and how you are turning into a story teller. Remind yourself that it will pass and this is how it is like.

Move On

Finally, focus your attention to your own actions at the current moment. See how you are moving your hands. See where you are walking or simply observe how you are sitting down and the next thing to do is your destination. This is called, moving on and focusing on what your taksa are and not your panic attack because it has already ended and passed off.

These four steps to end your panic attacks will take some practice to make it work. It will work and all you need is some patience while you grasp hold of it to help you to remove yourself from the panic attack by controlling and steering your thoughts and mind off it. This is a useful technique for you to help yourself when you are alone.

Many methods and treatments are available to help us to cope with panic attacks. However, you deserve to cure permanently from panic attacks. If you want to learn the full complete program, then do check out the 21 7 Technique of Panic Away explained here. This is an establish method for kicking off panic attacks and anxiety for good.

What Causes Anxiety Disorder


What causes anxiety disorder is still not clear as many people reported different causes that made them experience anxiety. However, from the collected feedback, doctors and researchers have found that there are a few of the factors that can contribute to the development of anxiety in a person.


Environment is one of the factors where, when a person grew up in an environment where they were constantly in stress and fear, they can grow up to become ‘worriers’.

Also, events that happen in a household can affect a person and cause the person to build up effects of anxiety disorder. Such events includes divorce,abuse, death and many others that brings grief, sadness, and anger can make a persons mental and emotional state to be unstable and thus more likely to be affect by anxiety disorder.

Many of the factors have a domino effect where one leads to another. For example, a stressful place to live in may affect a person’s emotional state. When a person is emotionally unstable, they are more susceptible to bad habits such as overeating, eat unhealthily, indulgence in alcohol and caffeine. These types of food and drinks are known to make a person feel better. However, it is only short term and in he long run, the person who continue with such bad habits will experience deterioration in their health. Not only the rise of diseases were reported, this too heightens the effect of anxiety.

Brain Chemistry

Another cause of anxiety disorder is the brain chemistry. This means that people who have been exposed to long term anxiety will have abnormal levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. The person will likely feel more anxious than other people to a mildly stressful situation.


One way to control this is through better eating habits, some amount of medication to help them at the early stage, and changing their lifestyle and behaviors that are negatively impacting them and making their anxiety worse.

It is no doubt that more and more people are affect by anxiety disorder as lifestyle are not the same as the olden times. People are living in the fast lane where it’s a highly anxious and stressful way of living. The way to control this is to constantly be aware of the amount of stress they are at, take care of their own level of anxiety by practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation and exercising.Modifying lifestyle can help people to reduce and manage their anxiety better. These are the common factors f what researchers and doctors have found to be what causes anxiety disorder.

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Ways To Stop Panic Attacks Naturally

stop panic attacksHere are some ways to stop panic attacks naturally that you can do all on your own. Don’t be surprised as these are actually very normal things you can do without requirement any special equipment nor supplements.

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If you are having the fear and you are worried that your panic attacks will come around again, then learn up these techniques to help yourself to gain more control of yourself and to stop your panic attacks.


The food we eat can affect our nervous system which, relates to our panic attacks experiences. You see, different food contains different elements. In the traditional alternative therapy of Ayurveda, food can be divided to passive, active and balance. The more active food you eat, more more your nervous system is affected. These types of food are energizing and it wakes up your senses. For example, active type of food includes coffee, spicy food and salty food. Food that are passive includes sweet food. For balance food, it’s usually vegetables and anything that’s natural.


Exercise makes our body to release a type of chemical that makes our mood better. It’s like the natural source of those happy pills like Prozac. This is a good way to stop panic attacks as it is completely natural unlike drugs and you can have more control by learning how to change your body to be better.


Distraction helps you to shift your attention from your panic attacks and to help you quickly change your state from anxious to a more relaxed state. This is useful when you have to deal with day to day activities like work where, you wouldn’t want to be completely disabled from continuing with your work.

Anxious Thinking

Usually, when we have panic attacks, our minds become clouded with anxious thoughts and a lot of negative thoughts. The more we stay there and fester in such thoughts, the more miserable and depress we become. So, in order to help yourself, you must learn to change your thoughts to better, happier and positive ones. You can learn to visualize moments that you were at your happiest, or moments when you feel good and then visualize that when you find yourself in anxious thoughts.

So, there you have it, 4 areas that you can learn to strengthen your resistance towards panic attacks. These are natural aspect of our lives that many rarely takes care of nor take much effort to learn to strengthen these areas. It is definitely an advantage for you when you know how to manipulate and change your state. Bear in mind that these are completely natural ways to stop panic attacks.

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How To End Panic Attacks Forever

Want to know how to end panic attacks forever? If you are one of the many people who had the unpleasant encounter with panic attacks, it makes perfect sense to want to end it for good. The reason is, panic attacks are hindrances to our day to day activities and on severe cases, it makes living a normal life impossible.

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So, here is the key to that panic attack lock. To be completely free from panic attacks, you need to be in the state where you no longer fear the thought of panic attacks. What makes panic attacks to linger on in our lives is the fear is still intact in us.

There are many solutions out there that, in good faith is to help people to stop panic attacks from different angles. What many lack of is to target the removal of fear from panic attacks. As long as we still have a fear of panic attacks, we will face it and dread it.

Medication, therapy sessions may help stop panic attacks but in all it helps to stop it at that moment but not forever. It is a choice but really, it’s not that satisfactory.

To end the fear is to end your panic attacks. It is a cycle that we are in when we still fear panic attacks. We may have it stop it now for the moment with medication but you know that you are going to dread it when it comes around the next time. The key is to break out of the cycle and no longer fear it.

Like perspectives, habits, beliefs, panic attacks works almost similarly like it. It’s something that ingrained in our memory and it’s not something physical where we can have it remove through a surgery. We have to work at re-programming and changing how our mind perceive panic attacks in order to cut off the fear we feel and get out of the cycle of fearing it.

Scientifically, you need to move the mental activity from the impulsive part of your brain back to the forebrain to make yourself shift your thoughts and get the feeling of reassurance. It sounds complicated but you don’t know how it works. This is just an explanation on how you can stop your panic attacks forever.

What have been explained is a technique based on cognitive psychology and science. It is simply a technique and nothing else that requires you taking any physical risk, dependency on drugs nor even a long-term expensive therapy session.

By learning the technique, you will know how to end panic attacks forever and for good through the practice. It’s not an overnight thing but it is a way on how to condition yourself to become better and recover completely through a safe, natural way.

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Dealing With Anxiety

In case you are wondering, there are ways in dealing with anxiety. Most people who experiences anxiety often felt that they are alone in this frightening situation. In truth, there are many people who experiences anxiety and it is completely normal.

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According to the Depression Association of America, it has been reported that anxiety disorder affects 6.8 million adults per year. That’s a huge number and if you are worried, now it is time to stop worrying about being alone in this.

There are some easy coping methods available to help people with anxiety deal with it when the attack comes around or to help them to prevent anxiety from happening.

Anxiety disorder is hereditary. From a particular type of lifestyle, anxiety can latch on to someone’s life. More and more young chcildren are seeing doctors for help with anxiety. Most cases, the parents are to be blamed. Dr. Karen Cassiday, director of the Anxiety and Agoraphobia Treatment Center in Chicago and Deerfield said, ” There are a lot of parents who are over protective of their kids. This can turn it into something worse later in their lives.We’ve seen many young adults these days that just live in their parents’ basement, for example, and are afraid and fearful of the stresses of adulthood”.

Dr. Cassiday suggested that parents ought to slowly expose their children to the things they fear in order to help them to overcome it.

Other cases that triggers anxiety includes the fast-pace lifestyle many of us are in today. Work are becoming increasingly stressful and it’s important for someone with anxiety to find an outlet to release the tension built up in them after a long day at work or after being exposed to stress for long hours.

Symptoms of anxiety includes fatigue, insomnia, resttlessness, muscle cramps and gastrointenstinal discomfort for some. When taken care, these symptoms can go away. If left uncared for, these symptoms can lead to something worse and causes the person to developed other forms of anxiety such as OCD, panic disorder and social anxiety disorder.

Ways to release the tension includes taking up exercises, meeting up with friends, taking up meditation, yoga and such to reduce the stress in them.

I hope this article has provided you with some useful information. You can continue reading more related articles such as Clearing Anxiety or read my write-up that covers what is inside the Panic Away 21-7 Technique here.